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Strabil Ltd.

Strabil Ltd. is responsible for the development and operation of PANNOVA Industrial Park and for providing a fully comprehensive service for settler companies. The company was founded in 2004, since then its core competence is to develop and operate industrial properties, in addition to provide technological, legal, financial, innovational and tender consultations for costumers together with office services. The vision of the company would be to use their existing and growing experience for the purpose of economical and efficient facility management by contributing to the growing competitiveness of partners.

Strabil Ltd. objective is to gain further positions in the field of facility management and entrepreneur supporter related to industrial parks and industrial properties in Hungary and neighbor countries. It draws a special attention for finding local and international investors. It devotes a special attention to improve the number of local and international investors. It has cooperated with Hungarian Scientific-, Technologic and Industrial Park Association; with Industrial Park Union; Confederation of Hungarian Employers and Industrialists; University of Pécs and numerous Cambers.


Strabil Kft.
7601 Pécs, Pf.: 335
Fax: 72/213-780