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Technical specifications of PANNOVA Industrial Park

As per the local development plan

Minimum plot size ‘E’ (on other industrial area): 1,500 m<2/sup>
‘Z’ (area of significant disturbance): 2,500 m2
Maximum floor space index „E”: 50%
„Z”: 30%
Maximum building height 25m
Office building 940 m2

Central public utilities

Link to public highway The industrial park has a direct link to Road 6, and a network of paved site roads.
Railway link The industrial park has an industrial railway line.
Electricity Electricity is supplied to the industrial park by Mecsek-Öko Zrt
Current reserved capacity 1,2 MW
Optionally available capacity up to 234 MW
Telephone and internet Via optical cable
Water The industrial park has drinking water and industrial water mains systems.
- Drinking
Capacity: 300 m3/day
Pipe diameter: 250 mm
Pressure: min. 1,5 – max. 6 bar
- Industrial water Pipe diameter: 100 mm
Pressure: min. 1,5 – max. 3 bar
- Fire water Eight fire hydrants installed on the drinking water mains; 1,000 – 1,200 litres/minute; three fire water tanks (100 m3 each)
Communal sewers The industrial park has a communal sewer system.
Capacity: 10 m3/hour
Pipe diameter: 200 mm
System type: Gravity feed within the industrial park, pressurised connection to external system.
Natural gas The industrial park has a natural gas pipeline network.
Capacity: 4 000 KW
Pressure of internal network: 4 bar
Rainwater drains The industrial park has a closed drains system to collect surface waters.
Local taxes Trade tax: 1,4 %
Council tax: N/A
Building tax: HUF 345/m2