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Promoting the economy

Currently, the most important tasks in order to develop the local economy are to attract Hungarian and foreign investors with companies of solid capital, and to enhance regional innovation activities through fostering the cooperation of businesses and research organisations. To this end, both business actors and politicians endeavour to create the best possible conditions for companies that intend to settle here. Local governments aim to promote developments that bring about environment-friendly manufacturing capacities and new jobs by lowering the local trade tax and devising a variety of subsidy schemes.

The local industrial facilities and the investment incentive policies are complemented by retraining and further training programmes that satisfy a wide range of requirements. Thanks to these efforts, employees in the region are not only highly qualified and familiar with the latest technologies, but also able to offer a competitive advantage, in part due to their language proficiencies.

The South Transdanubia, and more specifically PANNOVA Industrial Park, currently home to over twenty small and medium enterprises could benefit enormously from promoting the business-oriented utilisation of the results of the work done at knowledge centres based in local higher education institutions, in human resource development, and other innovative initiatives. The University of Pécs is ideally positioned to meet both present and future challenges, and the University of Kaposvár is displaying spectacular improvements in practically all areas, and its programmes now cover nearly all disciplines. These institutions are unique knowledge bases from which outstanding experts can be recruited.