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Leisure and cultural life

The cultural and historical heritage of Pécs and the region reaches back two millennia, providing a unique setting for both Hungarian and foreign companies. Thanks to its location, the region serves as a gateway between Western and Eastern Europe and the Balkans, both in an economic and in a cultural sense, and can therefore offer a unique market position to local businesses.

The cultural environment provides a characteristic atmosphere in Pécs and in the whole of the region well. In addition, you will find all sorts of leisure, entertainment and sports facilities in the area, from golf to tennis, from horse-riding to extreme sports, from wellness holidays to shopping malls that represent true European quality. The region is also famous for its viticulture and winemaking. The characteristic red wines produced in the Villány wine region are popular around the world. Educational facilities in Pécs will meet even the most demanding requirements. The city has several excellent institutions, ranging from crèche to university. There are a number of bilingual nursery schools, schools and other organisations offering multinational educational programmes. This makes it easy to bring up the future generation in a multicultural environment.