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The South Transdanubia is one of the seven statistical regions of Hungary. It comprises three counties: Baranya, Somogy and Tolna. The regional centre is Pécs, a city only 3 km from PANNOVA Industrial Park. To the south, the region is bordered by Croatia. It enjoys a varied natural environment, a pleasant climate, and is an excellent tourist destination.

PANNOVA Industrial Park was established as an investment of property improvement by STRABIL Ltd., which operates at the territory of the old Plant of Kővágószőlős, at the South-west part of the hill Mecsek.

The current area is 53 hectares. Our goal is to create a concentrated centre for industrial manufacturers, which can become in the near future the development headquarter of a re-industrialized region, facilitating settler process of small and medium size enterprises and support professionally the innovative initiatives. The park has regional advantages such as: standing far from the build-up area, being in green environment, it is understandable as the activity of the settler companies are not limited.

During the development of the Industrial Park, the already existing buildings, infrastructures have significantly reduced the initial costs of the settler companies. The Park’s operations and missions are harmonized with the development alternatives of industrial parks by South-Transdanubian Development Agency, in this way it facilitates the integration of the transition period’s “byproduct” brown zone in the life of economic development.

The following organizations have found the importance to support and cooperate with the PANNOVA Industrial Park. Declarations of intention conclude their reinforcement: