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STRABIL Ltd. implements the project “The development of the latest industrial park in the South-Transdanubian region, the Pécs-Kővágószőlős Industrial Park” in the frame and with the support of “The Development of the business infrastructure (industrial parks, incubator-houses, premises)” tender.

LONG-TERM AIM: Creating a competitive economy building on the local capabilities, establishing an industrial park in Pécs-Kővágószőlős providing high additional value, operating with a highly qualified workforce and offering a broad range of services.

DIRECT AIM: The aim of the STRABIL Ltd. is to improve and to operate efficiently the Pécs-Kővágőszőlős Industrial Park. With the activity of the industrial park, STRABIL Ltd. would like to contribute to the improvement of the competitiveness of the companies working here, to the re-structuring of the Transdanubian region’s industrial structure and it also would like to enhance the inter-company cooperation.
The applicant plans to set up premises and facilities that enable to offer complex, qualitative services and STRABIL Ltd. is also planning to develop the infrastructure, partly with improving the already existing facilities in a way that they will be able to extend the structure and the amount of services.

The budget of the project is 256.295.003 Ft, in which the support of the European Union is 125.584.551 Ft, the 49% of the whole budget.

The activities of the project:

Strabil Ltd. aims to improve the infrastructure of the Pécs-Kővágőszőlős Industrial Park with the following activities:

  • Setting up, furnishing and operating an innovation- and service provider center with adjusting and renovating the already existing offices
  • Within the frame of the basic infrastructure building a front desk- and entry system
  • Tereprendezés, parkosítás;
  • Introducing the quality management system: STRABIL Ltd. claims it is essential to introduce a quality management system in order to provide high-quality services. The quality service provides regular feedbacks about the possible developments of the industrial park, connected to the market-demand.
  • Efficient marketing and communication activity is significant in order to promote the industrial park, improve the services, gain new tenants, provide better services to the partners/tenants and to cooperate with other companies.
  •  Relying on the support of experts (technical controllers, project managers): the well-known experts contribute to the decrease of the risk factors applying by the project.

The realization time of the project: 2008. 10. 01- 2010. 04. 30