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Five reasons voting for PANNOVA Industrial Park

  • Dynamism in the PANNOVA Industrial Park. Our goal is to create a centre, where industrial manufacturers are concentrated and which could become the development headquarter in the near future of a re-industrialized region, facilitating settler processes of small and medium size enterprises and support the innovative initiatives in a professional way.
  • Flexible operative conditions. PANNOVA Industrial Park is a privately owned institute conforming dynamically for their investors need, either considering the wide service provision or the price of the services.
  • Excellent accessibility. The Industrial Park is located next to the road number 6, one kilometer from train station, 10 kilometers from Pécs, 16 kilometers from the airport of Pogány, 50 kilometers from the water transportation at Mohács- Duna dock, and the territory possess with own industrial line of rails. This gives our investors a special advantage so as the proximity of the highway running through the Middle and East Europe region, also the construction of M6 motorway; moreover the closeness of the M60 speedway.
  • Center of knowledge and multicultural environment. Pécs and the region with its 2000 years old history serve with a unique opportunity for national and international companies to settle down. The University of Pécs, always accommodating for the present and future challenges provides education activities that cover nearly all knowledge fields guaranteeing the required attainment base for choosing the appropriate professionals.
  • Interception of the regions. PANNOVA Industrial Park is laying in the interception of rarely interacting regions. It functions as a matching point between the Middle- East Europe and Balkan range by providing for companies at PANNOVA Industrial Park a unique position.

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